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What is SEO based/online marketing and how does it help the website to grow


Technology in today’s world has seen tremendous growth. The everyday lives of people have been widely affected by the online world and it has become impossible to imagine a day without online communication. The business world too has been affected by the growth of technology in people’s lives. Businesses are no longer confined to a particular location or a particular infrastructure.

But now that technology has evolved with time, a business and a businessman do not need a big headquarters or a big city to be recognized anymore. This will take your business to a larger audience and will easily help you grow.

The possibilities of the online market are numerous. A businessman needs to keep in mind the resources, knowledge, niche, etc., to run the business.

Online marketing is a component of marketing that tends to utilise the internet and online digital technologies like desktop computers, phones, and other platforms and digital media to promote several services and products.

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What is online marketing? 

If discussed in detail, online marketing is a web-based channel that is used to put out a message about a particular company, brand, products, or the services provided by them to the general public.

These include social media, email, Search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, Google AdWords, and a lot more.

The basic objective of online marketing is to reach out to the required and the potential audience through these channels (mentioned above) where they spend most of their time searching, reading, shopping, socialising.
The online market has a huge difference from traditional marketing and has a lot of benefits like the cost prices have decreased and have become easier to measure.

Importance of SEO based marketing

Helps to attract customers
Improves the local presence of the brand
Improves the traffic on the website
Online marketing can help an increase in in-store traffic too.

Components of online marketing 


Search engine Optimization – SEO is said to be the art as well as the science of getting high rankings for the pages on search engines like Google. Search Engine Optimization is a major part of online marketing because search is the only way through which users or customers can navigate on the web.

On-page SEO – This refers to the practice where optimization of web pages to get a higher ranking and get more traffic on the website.

Off-stage SEO – in this practice, all the actions that will further impact the ranking of the website is taken outside the website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – SEM is a digital marketing or online marketing strategy that is used to increase the website’s visibility on the search engine page. Search engine marketing (SEM) has become a major part of the strategy for increasing online marketing in today’s age. The majority of customers or visitors on a particular website find their way through finding answers to several queries on the search engine.

Content marketing – this marketing mainly focuses on creating, publishing, distributing the content to a large audience. Content marketing plays an important role in online marketing as it helps companies or brands to get attention from people and helps in generating leads.
Social media marketing – social media plays a critical role in bringing up online marketing. Social media provides these brands with the right engagement they need and exposes people to the marketing efforts of these brands. To increase the marketing, brands also ask several influencers to promote their products so that it helps them to attract new people to their website.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) – PPC, also called Pay per click is a model for online or internet marketing where the advertisers pay a certain amount of fee every time their ads are clicked. In other words, it is a simple way to attract potential customers to the brand’s website.

Inbound marketing – this is a compilation of content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. When a brand or a company uses all these tactics to attract customers to the product or the services provided by that company, it refers to inbound marketing. As all of these components are into one, it helps in the good growth of the organisation and helps in forming good connections.

How can a website increase customer interaction? 

Attracting customers or customer attention
Websites have new ideas and promotional campaigns to attract new and fresh customers to their web page.
The website needs to have good plans and strategies to attract new customers –
Conducting a contest
Increase the use of social media to connect to people
Improving the website’s SEO
Offering several discounts and deals to the customers
Interact and retain good loyal buyers
Associate with complementary business 
Taking the customer reviews seriously to establish trust

Customer retention 

To keep the customers, who are already a part of the company and are loyal towards it, engaged so that they continue buying the services is called customer retention. If a website has brilliant tactics to keep the customers engaged with its products or services, these customers eventually become loyal to the brand. This might even make them spread the word about the company/brand/website among other people, indirectly making them the brand ambassador.

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Reducing defection rate 

It is not necessary that attracting new customers is enough. The website has to even keep on increasing the business in the market. To reduce the defection rate, a website must –
Define and measure the retention rate of the website
Look into the issues that are causing customer erosion

Managing the customer base 

There are a few ways through which you can manage the customer base –
Reducing the rate of the customer defection
Increasing the life of customer relationship
Cross-selling and Up-selling

Example – customer acquisition and retention 

Tesla, the biggest electric car company, has an exceptionally good way to retain its customers. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, interacts with the people on Twitter who have certain issues with Tesla. It is very unusual for a CEO of the company to directly address the issue and assure them of better services.

Moreover, Tesla’s website has a strong user interface. This not only makes the customers easily navigate on the website but also helps in ranking Tesla’s website on the SERPs.

That being said, it is necessary for the website to have the right speed and accessibility to reach out to a larger audience. If you want to increase your customer ratio, improve the SEO ranking of your website by hiring a good digital marketing company in Gurgaon.


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