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Top 12 ways to pack your carry-on bag to avoid checking fees

Are you a frugal traveler who recently booked nonstop flights to India from DC ? Or to anywhere else looking for advice on avoiding carry-on check-in fees? Then this article will be your ultimate solution.

Since 2008, air travel has changed dramatically. Airlines now charge separate fees for checking in bags, whereas previously, all of these services were included in the base price of the air ticket. The reason for this is airline competition to provide the best deals to passengers.

After purchasing a super cheap ticket for direct flights to India from NYC or any other destination, passengers must pay in cash at the time of check-in. And, most of the time, passengers end up paying more in total than they would have if they had purchased a ticket that included check-in services.

The only way to avoid carry-on baggage fees is to pack like a nomad. As a result, your carry-on will not be too heavy or bulky, resulting in an additional fee at luggage check-in. Additionally, a lightweight carry-on will not only help you avoid the checking fee but will also make your travel more comfortable.

Let’s know the top 12 ways to pack a carry-on bag & avoid checking fees.

Use the dead space

Shoes, for example, take up a lot of room in your bag. However, the space inside the shoe box and shoes remains. Pack your socks, underwear, device chargers, and medications in this compartment. If you suffer from OCD and are unable to wrap your clean clothes in your shoes and shoe box. Then, before stuffing them in, you can always wrap them in plastic.

Except for shoes, you can stuff your caps and hats with small items. This will save you a lot of space and make your bag appear thinner.

Plastic wrap everything

Rather than preparing a separate box for everything that will take up a lot of space in your bag, plastic wrap items and place them in a single kit. After you’ve packed everything, use a zipped kit to squeeze out any excess air.

To keep your accessories safe, wrap them in plastic wrap. Accessories such as studs and rings are easily misplaced. Throwing them directly into a kit will also make it difficult to find them later. As a result, after individually wrapping all of your small jewelry pieces, wrap them all together in plastic wrap.

Roll instead of fold

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is an excellent way to save space. Simply roll your clothes tightly so there is no air between them and place them in your bag. Begin with the bulkier items that take up more space, and then try to squeeze the thin items into the remaining space.

Pack optimum clothes

Instead of packing every shirt and pair of jeans you own, be strategic in your packing. Everyone has a pair of jeans that can be worn with a variety of tops and shirts. Because jeans and pants don’t need to be washed every day and can be worn multiple times, only a few of them should be stored. Only bring jeans that can be worn with two or more tops. Then pack the appropriate tops or shirts.

Pack based upon your travel itinerary

Instead of packing everything you own, pack according to your travel plans. Look for the activities you’ll be doing on your trip and the clothing you’ll need for them. For example, if you’re going on a business trip, you’ll need more formals and one or two pairs of casuals. If your itinerary includes a visit to a beach, you should bring your swimsuit.

Pack sample size beauty products

Instead of packing large bottles of everything from cream, lotion, face wash, body cream, and perfume, which takes up more space and adds weight to your bag. Samples of beauty products should be packed. Get some sample-sized bottles from the market and fill them with your products. You could also go to a sample sale and buy some products there.

Pack double-duty products

Products that serve more than one purpose abound on the market. This can be used as a lip tint as well as a blush. Alternatively, a lotion can be used on both the face and the body. Some dresses can be worn in a variety of ways, giving you a fresh look every time. Pack dual-purpose items to transport more items in less space.

Use a fold and go blanket

Depending on your needs, these blankets can be folded and turned into pillows. It not only helps you during your flight. It will be extremely useful if you intend to travel to remote areas.

Wear the bulky stuff

It is always preferable to wear a jacket that takes up a lot of space in your carry-on. Include this jacket in your airport ensembles. This will keep your carry-on from becoming too bulky and heavy.

Avoid using boxes

Instead of packing your dirty shoes and other items in large boxes, use cloth pouches or zipper kits. These pouches or kits take up no extra space in your carry-on, allowing you to travel light. Furthermore, these pouches and zipper bags are light in weight and aid in keeping your carry-on weight under the allowed limit.

Take multiple cables instead of chargers

Packing a separate charger for each device is not a good idea if you want to keep your carry-on thin and easy to carry. Instead of carrying multiple chargers, carry a single charger that can be connected to various cables to charge your various devices.

Also, keep all cables untangled to reduce the amount of space they take up. Place them in a space you can find, such as your shoes, sunglasses box, or hats.

Take the maximum use of the personal item

Airlines allow passengers to bring one personal item with them, such as a laptop, backpack, or handbag. Take advantage of this opportunity to lighten your carry-on. The airlines do not mind if you bring a rolling bag filled with small essentials.


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