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The best whiteboard & presenter mode for ANY hybrid/remote meeting platforms

If you’re a teacher, presenter, coach, or trainer you know better than anyone that engaging your viewers in hybrid/remote meetings can be very problematic. Fortunately, Reactiv SUITE was created with everyone in mind! We are the only tool that helps you stand out and upraise your executive presence during any video conference. Resize and Pin your camera, throw up any type of file and begin taking your presentations to another level any day!

Augmentation Learning:

Writing and redoing your message observably will help make a point of your point and help viewers retain information for an extremely long period of time.


Giving your demonstration a clear focal point helps conference members maintain engagement with what they are viewing. They are less likely to be preoccupied with visual clutter and as a result, are more dynamic with the presentation.

Personal Presence

A Person wants to talk to individuals. You are more principal than the deck. Don’t be an impressed – Stand out!

Tips for effective hybrid/remote presentations

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The way teams collaborate and work is interchanging. Remote workforces, outsourcing, and consulting are all on the rise. Even if you manage a team that is technically based in the same actual office, it’s becoming more and more frequent that your clients prefer to be in touch in a virtual conference instead of in person due to time obstruction.

One of the greatest issues that have surfaced around hybrid work is how to handle meetings. How do you be in touch effectively when the conference is with teams that are several hundred/thousands of miles away instead of in-person in a board meeting room? How do you make certain that your employees are a part of the conference, instead of just the following management?

Below are seven procedures and techniques that will make your next hybrid/remote meeting just as powerful as its in-person counterpart. After absorbing these tips, you may actually find that you prefer virtual meetings, too — even if the other party is accessible face-to-face:

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  • Screen-share it
  •  Schedule a specific time
  • Personalize the meeting with video technology
  • Engage attendees by assigning talking points
  • Assign responsibilities and follow-ups
  • Don’t allow muting!
  • Limit the number of participants

How to make every remote/hybrid meeting memorable

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The hybrid and remote sales processes are totally different from the standard sales process that we have used for decades. As all of us have resolved by now, through endless virtual presentations and attending endless online meetings, you can’t just take the practices that worked face-to-face and use them as-is in a virtual/hybrid setting. We need to figure out ways to get the better of the hurdles of distance and screen sharing to build personal correspondence.

Everyone seems to call everything remotely collaboration these days. 

After never-ending lockdowns and pandemics, we have all been forced to adapt and get through. Everything is a form of participation! Phone calls, emails, Slack messages, text messages, and everything in between can be considered collaboration/participation. How much collaboration do you remember from last month? If you are like me, everything is distorted, and you rarely remember anything that was said or done in a hybrid/remote meeting.

Reactiv SUITE allows you to create a virtual whiteboard where you can write down their questions and impression.

Reactiv SUITE can carry through this! The software supports every cellular mirroring standard. Miracast, Chromecast, and Airplay, are tightly integrated into the software. No applications to install and no cables to connect. There are new generations of collaboration tools, like Reactiv SUITE, that can help you break free from boring remote meetings.

Reactiv SUITE is the best hybrid/ virtual meeting software that allows you to quickly generate an engaging and dynamic demonstration that will transform your virtual meetings!

Built for collaborators by presenters, Reactiv SUITE’s exclusive features allow for more engaging and productive sessions for all audience members both in-person and virtual.

Reactiv SUITE to power your hybrid/online meetings

Reactiv SUITE is designed to solve the problem of low sessions in meetings. Pin your camera and elevate omnipresence. 

You can make everyone in your meeting an active contributor, regardless of their virtual conference persona.

Deliver impactful demonstrations that create long-lasting memories and build trust.

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