Specification of Using Serverwala’s Dedicated Server in Mumbai

Did you think? How important is a dedicated server to your business? How does it play a very vital position in the expansion of your business? If you are not aware of this technology, Don’t worry this article helps you a lot. We can discuss a dedicated server in depth. This web hosting is most in demand for online businesses in Mumbai whether it is used by small business owners, large organizations, educational institutions, or entrepreneurs. Everyone must recommend the Serverwala’s Best Dedicated Server in Mumbai.

After figuring out Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting, Mumbai’s dedicated server is one of the choices of every business owner for the expansion of their business. Because a dedicated server is the supreme of every web hosting offers a wide range of services at an affordable price.

In this article, I will provide you with complete information regarding Serverwala Cloud Data Center Dedicated Server.

What is a Bare Metal Dedicated Server?

Businesses of the 21st century are completely dependent on websites or web hosting, if you invest early in the best web hosting your rate of success may increase in the future. A dedicated server or we can say the bare metal dedicated server is the single owned server in which you have private space to store your server resources such as RAM, bandwidth, storage, etc. This server is dedicated to a single person which helps to manage and optimize resources easily. 

Before we proceed further in this article, I would like to tell you this web hosting is most powerful than shared hosting and VPS hosting widely used by big eCommerce businesses, Huge client-based organizations, high volume traffic, and video streaming websites. If you decide to buy Mumbai dedicated servers, then let me tell you about the different types of dedicated servers. So read this article completely.

Different Types Of Mumbai Dedicated Server

There are a lot of types of Dedicated Server Mumbai which help grow your business. So, just look at various types of dedicated servers in the following points :

1. Cheap Dedicated Server 

Most small businesses face issues in shared hosting and VPS hosting regarding speed and security, then the cheap dedicated server Mumbai is the best option for fast speed and better security.

2. Standard Dedicated Server

This Mumbai dedicated server is specially designed for high bandwidth and high performance which is best for the business that plans to grow their business.

3. Enterprise Dedicated Server

Big organizations, huge client-based agencies, Big educational institutes, and video streaming websites need advanced features of security and large storage. This type of business is widely used in this Mumbai dedicated server.

4. Managed Dedicated Server

If you don’t want to go deep into technicality then Managed Dedicated Server is for you in Mumbai. Your hosting provider has highly experienced engineers who managed your server.

5. Unmanaged Dedicated Server

In this type of dedicated server, you are the single person responsible for your dedicated server. You can completely manage your server on your own.

6. Unmetered Dedicated Server :

If you facing issues of paying high bills due to overuse of bandwidth then an Unmetered Dedicated server Mumbai is best for you. Your server provider provides your hosting with high bandwidth with no restriction.

Top 5 Specification of Dedicated Server Mumbai

Now, let us discuss the top 5 specifications of using a dedicated server. There are a lot of exciting specifications and advantages of this server.  Hence, there is a high demand for a dedicated server in Mumbai.

1. Easily High Volume Traffic 

The bare metal solution is capable of handling high volume traffic. If your website drives high traffic on daily basis then you must purchase the best dedicated server in Mumbai.

2. Data Security

Your server can’t be shared with anyone. So, in this scenario, your chances of hacking and other unethical activities are reduced.

3. Improve Google Ranking

If your website page experience is good and your website load speed is high then Google can give you the priority and rank higher in the SERP.

4. Flexibility & Scalability

The major benefit of using the best dedicated server Mumbai is only that is it allows you to scale your server resources anytime and provide flexibility.

5. Improve Performance

A dedicated server allows you to manage your resources as per your business requirements which helps to improve your website performance.

Why You Opt Serverwala Mumbai Dedicated Server

We know the meaning of a dedicated server and its advantages but there is the biggest challenge that where I get the best dedicated server in Mumbai. So, I would like to introduce Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd.

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the most reputed brand in web hosting offering the most attractive services and customer support. They highly focused on creating value amongst their customers through best products with best services. They offer various benefits to their client which I can highlight in the following points.

  1. 24/7 Client Support
  2. Consumer Friendly Organization
  3. 99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee.
  4. Premium Bandwidth
  5. SSH Root Control
  6. Data Encryption
  7. Value For Money
  8. Effortlessly Customization
  9. Hardware RAID
  10. Private VLAN Subnets



If you want to improve your presence in Google SERP, enhance speed and security and improve page experience, then you must consider a Dedicated Server in Mumbai. Because this is one of the most powerful web servers for handling high volume traffic. Along with the most exciting feature and best-in-services, Serverwala Cloud Data Center offers the most reliable dedicated server at a very cheap price.

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