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Listening is an important skill in daily life. It can be understanding instructions or sending messages to others. Listening is a key skill to be able to communicate effectively. You will often hear native English-speaking people speak English when you visit a country with a native English speaker. You will need to be able to listen well in order to get to know the area and communicate with others.

The PTE Listening test is exactly the same. We will be discussing the Summarize Spoken Text task in particular. You will notice the task title and instructions. It requires you to listen to spoken audio and then write a summary. It tests your listening skills as well as your ability to write about what you have listened to. If you are unable to understand it, it will test your writing and listening skills.

Instructions clearly state that you will have 10 minutes to create a summary of approximately 50-70 words. The audio can last anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds. You basically need to extract the most important information from the audio and then present it in words. These are some tips and tricks that you can use to get the best out of this task. Learn more about pte listening summarize, from top experts

Tips for PTE Listening Summarize Spoken Words

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  • Expert Tips PTE Listening Summarize Spoken Words
  • Concentrate on the lecture.
  • Use an erasable notepad
  • Take note of the main idea of this lecture.
  • Give a rough answer
  • Verify grammar, sentence structure, and spelling.

These are the must-know tips. It is a good idea to try these tips and to take note of your mistakes so you can avoid them. learn from the basics  pte tutorial summarize,

Concentrate on the lecture.

This is basically a listening task for PTE. Listen carefully to the spoken audio. You are not trying “HEAR”, but you are trying “LISTEN”. Listening requires you to be attentive to the words being spoken and to understand them. If necessary, you will also need to express your thoughts.

Do not rush to write every word you hear. You will not be able to understand what was said. You will find it difficult to write the summary. Your response to this task will also affect your writing skills. Your content, grammar, and spelling will all be evaluated.  pte listening tips & strategies

Listen to the lecture so that you can explain it and then give a brief summary to someone about it. It is not possible to remember the lecture. You must only present a summary of what you heard. Listen to the lecture and try to connect it to any memories or past experiences. You can then recall the scenario in your head so that you retain it for a longer time. You will be able to easily understand the lecture and you won’t have any difficulty explaining the lecture.

You don’t have to remember every example, number, or other data that was presented. The main idea or topic of the lecture must be understood. This is key to your success.

Get the Erasable Notepad!

To take notes during the test, you will need an erasable notebook. Use it wisely. Don’t write down every word that you hear. Not every word you hear is important. You will automatically understand the subject matter as you listen to the audio. It is important to note down the correct words. Write clearly and accurately while you are writing. Sometimes, it is difficult to read your own handwriting. You should also be able to recognize any abbreviations you used in your handwriting later. You won’t miss anything if you start writing immediately after the lecture starts.

PTE Listening – Summarize Spoken Words

You can also use any supporting ideas. Notate facts, definitions, and words that can be only explained or spoken. Pay close attention to nouns. To determine if the information you are looking for is important, you can also observe the intonations and stresses that the user uses.

Take note of the main idea of this lecture.

As we have said, it is important to remember the main idea of each lecture. You will remember the lecture if you pay attention to what is being said. When you’re writing your rough draft of the lecture, remember the key points. You don’t have to ignore the supporting ideas. This does not mean you should pay only attention to specific information.

You might have to tell a friend that he was not able to attend a lecture. Similar to that. It is important to know the main information that the lecturer/ speaker gave.

Give a rough answer

After the audio is finished, a 10-minute reverse timer will be activated. Write down your rough response to the audio. Since you have just taken notes, your memory is still fresh. Write down the summary and don’t worry about the word limit. It is possible to recall what you heard and link the dots. You can use the keywords to help you visualize what you want. Paraphrasing the ideas is a good idea. It is a grave mistake to copy everything word for word. It is not a good idea to write exactly the same words as what was spoken.

This rough draft should take you about 2 to 3 minutes. Include a topic sentence in your rough draft to explain the idea. The ideas should be connected.

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