How to protect your beard from summer humidity and pool chlorine?

The time of hot and humid days has come, to maintain a perfect beard it’s important to avoid sweat for a fresh-looking beard.

You must be planning for a perfect summer trip or diving frequently into the swimming pool. 

During this time it becomes essential to take care of your facial hairs so that you don’t face any sort of problems on your face. 

Summer means hot and humid weather, which means your hair and skin will be frizzy and itchy.

If your beard hasn’t been maintained properly, humidity can cause serious damage. Here’s how to ensure that your beard is not damaged by humid air.

Beard Preparation and Humidity 

Humidity makes your hair frizzy, as was mentioned previously. There’s more moisture in the air, which causes the hair strands to become bloated due to water molecules clinging to them.

Dry, non-moisturized hair is especially susceptible to this. The oil on your face and beard oil will not give your beard the moisture it needs, so it will soak up all the humidity and turn into tumbleweed.

Stay hydrated

You may experience beard itch (and consequently beardruff) in the summer due to the blazing sun. Your beard hair will fall out if you scratch it. By staying hydrated with enough water, you will keep your thicket healthy and naturally protected.

You can start building an epic beard with what you eat. In addition to feeding the hair follicle, water regulates the circulatory system. In your beard, you’ll see dry, brittle strands that don’t grow as quickly when you don’t drink enough water. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of eight ounces a day.

Apply a sunscreen or wear a hat

The brim of a hat will also shade some of your beards if it has a wide enough brim to block the rays from hitting your head. Make your beard even more protected by spraying it with hair sunscreen. On your beard, you can use the same sunscreen spray that you use on your head. Beard hair will be moisturized and the sun will not damage cuticles with these sunscreen sprays.

Make sure you protect your beard from sun and saltwater by using Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray, which contains UV filters and aloe extract. Want more? The spray can be sprayed on your face and body, saving you time and space in your Dopp kit.

Before swimming, wet your beard

Wet your hair in the shower before heading to the pool. 

Before diving into the swimming pool make sure to wet your hair in the shower. 

There is a science behind it that your hair absorbs less water when it’s already wet, so chlorine won’t get into your hair as easily.

Then apply beard oil and beard balm

We are no one to stop from chilling and doing pool parties or enjoying the waves at the beach. 

But it’s necessary to understand that saltwater and chlorine aren’t that chills for your beard. 

Both of these substances take away shine, and moisture and also seizes the natural beard growth process at times. 

Using beard oil and beard balm, keep your hair from evaporating water after wetting it with water. Beard oil hydrates hair while beeswax locks in moisture. Combined, they create an optimum moisture-maintaining leave-in beard conditioner.

After swimming, wash your beard right away.

Chlorinated water

When you get out of the pool, the most dangerous thing you can do is let chlorinated water sit in your beard. This will dry out and discolor your hair.

As a result of chlorination, metals in water are oxidized. Chlorine oxidizes copper, which then attaches to hair proteins, leaving a green stain behind.


In the same way that saltwater damages your beard, saltwater causes hair to fall out.

There is a high salt content in ocean water. Osmosis causes water to leach out of your hair, causing it to become dry and brittle. 

You might develop a lot on your beard if you spend a lot of time in saltwater.

The solution?

Following a swim, wash your beard right away. You can use beard shampoo if you’ve only been swimming in ocean water.

When you’ve been swimming, you’ll need a stronger cleanser, since chlorine chemically bonds to hair. Mix one part apple cider vinegar with four parts water and comb it through your beard after you have rinsed it with plain water. You can follow this up by using beard conditioner to make your hair smoother.

Purchase high-quality beard oil from the most reputable internet retailers.

Mancode is one of the leading online shops for men’s care products. 

Beard oil from this brand encourages beard hair growth, nourishment, and strength.

This oil hydrates the beard, heals broken ends, soothes irritated skin, and prevents beardruff while promoting healthy beard growth.

This oil hydrates the beard, heals broken ends, soothes irritated skin, and prevents beardruff while promoting healthy beard growth.

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