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Top 10 Printable Study Schedule Templates

Imagine this for a moment.

You have tons of assignments to submit, exams to prepare for, and lessons to study throughout the academic session. And you can handle all of that with equal attention without going insane.

The first part of the above-mentioned paragraph is a fact. The second part is something students want but, in most cases, aren’t able to.

You don’t need a time-turner like the one Hermione had to take care of multiple tasks at the same time. A proper study schedule template, however, can help you out. Here are the top 10 printable study schedule templates to help you stay on track and get things done.

A-List of Effective Study Schedule Templates For Students

You can edit any of the following templates depending on your preferences. The right template lets you keep tabs on as many tasks as you have at hand. Whether you are homeschooled or attend online classes due to the pandemic, the following study schedule templates fit all types of learners.

Daily Study Schedule Template

As the name suggests, this template helps you take care of your academic tasks daily. Older kids usually need a well-structured schedule to keep track of the due dates of assignments, exam dates, and part-time working hours. This template consists of all the necessary columns required to manage multiple tasks, your free time, part-time jobs, and extra-curricular activities.

The daily study schedule template lets you:

  • Remember the due dates of every assignment in your curriculum before it’s too late
  • Keep a check on mobile phone usage during your study time
  • Manage your social life, part-time jobs, and personal responsibilities without compromising any

Straight and Simple Study Schedule Template

As you can see, the straightforward study template features a simplistic design on a plain white background. The uncluttered appearance of the template makes it easier for you to keep track of your schoolwork. For example, you can write down your study plan from Monday to Friday.

The simple study plan template lets you:

  • Get the most urgent tasks done at the right time
  • Sort out your priorities to identify which task to do on which day
  • Keep track of your academic tasks along with your part-time jobs and weekend plans

Virtual learning study schedule template

Remote learning has become the trend since the pandemic struck the world. Over 1.2 billion children have been affected by mandatory school closures in the pandemic throughout 186 countries.  It is normal to struggle with time management with this sudden shift from a traditional classroom to a remote learning environment.  However, this remote learning study schedule can help you deal with distance learning efficiently.

The remote learning study schedule template lets you:

  • Store all your passwords in one place, so you don’t have to run for help every time you want to log into ABCMouse
  • Note down the assignments that you need to do along with the deadline for each assignment, so you don’t end up missing any task.
  • Write down your queries regarding a topic or subject so you can ask about them later.

Montessori or Homeschool Study Schedule Template

Homeschooling has gained immense momentum amidst the pandemic. Parents prefer to homeschool their kids in the comfort of their homes rather than sending them out to school when the pandemic is looming around the corner. The template helps parents and students organise the lessons strategically.

The homeschool study schedule template lets you:

  • Focus on the main subjects that you are interested in
  • Follow a Montessori framework which includes aspects such as practical life, peace, literature, self-care, and art
  • Modify the subjects depending on the child’s academic strengths and weaknesses

Minimalist Revision Schedule Template

If you are interested in breaking down your weekly events by the hour, this is the template you should go for. It is simple and straightforward. You can also understand the time you take to complete a certain task to prepare your schedule accordingly. Use coloured pens while filling in time chunks for your weekly tasks for a more organised visual appearance.

The minimalist revision schedule template lets you:

  • Allot a specific time for the tasks you need to handle
  • Figure out the time you take to complete each task
  • Pay  equal attention to all the subjects, your hobbies and personal responsibilities

Seven-day Study Schedule Template (With Time Slots)

You can schedule your study and other activities for the entire week on this template. There are specific time slots to help you categorise your study sessions depending on urgencies and preferences. You can use icons to specify the key categories you want to focus on throughout the week

The seven-day study schedule template lets you:

  • Plan your entire week at once
  • Set specific time aside for hobbies, time with friends and other personal interests
  • Balance your academics and social life in the best possible way

Goal-oriented Study Schedule Template

You can use different colours in this schedule planner template based on your short-term and long-term goals. It has a sleek design and is easy to follow. For example, you can fill in the daily schedule on the right-hand side, whereas your goals and study hours are on the left-hand side.

The goal-oriented study schedule template lets you:

  • Plan your hours based on your goals, whether short-term or long-term
  • Understand what extra needs to be done to reach the goals
  • Keep track of your study hours and the actual time you spend studying

Exam Study Planner Template

How often have you said ‘do my assignment’ to your friends because you were stuck between exam preparation and assignment writing? Well, all you need is an exam study planner template to handle exam week easily. As you can see, the template has a separate space where you can write down the topics you need to study for the exams.

The exam study schedule template lets you:

  • Prioritise the topics that are important for the exam
  • Summarise the study plan based on the topics you need to cover
  • Add notes, important tasks and events

Class Tracker Schedule Template

Are you one of those who can focus better on class notes instead of a calendar? In that case, the class tracker schedule template is the right one for you. It has spaces for you to write down your teacher’s name, the topics taught by the teacher, and the assignment provided by the teacher.

The class tracker study schedule template lets you:

  • Stay abreast of the topics taught in class
  • Contact your professors as soon as you encounter a problem
  • Keep track of what you are supposed to deliver in the week

Study Checklist Schedule Template

The template helps kids develop executive function skills. It also comes with a weekly timetable. You can focus on one subject for an assigned day using this template. It helps you identify your study goals and check how far you have accomplished that goal.

The study checklist schedule template lets you:

  • Set study goals each day
  • Keep track of the progress towards achieving that goal
  • Write down whatever you have learnt on that specific day

Wrapping Up,

Download any of the templates explained above as per your academic and personal preferences. A template is like a roadmap for you to navigate through your academic life hassle-free without letting it take a toll on your social life. Using one will only help you get organised and focused on your tasks.

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