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Phone Spy App For Android Can Help Get Facebook Data

This is such an embarrassing thing but let me confess. I am in the most vulnerable stage of my parenting life era. I mean before I would have said that 4-hour stay in front of my daughter’s school on her first day and then the two-hour cry was one or let’s just say two of the embarrassing thing I did as a parent. But now the bar has been raised.  You guys I made a fake account in the name of my daughter’s school friend and tried to get added to her friend list. In my defense, I was curious and worried, and a little anxious about her whole social media thing. Is this a crime that I wanted to be part of her online world? Well apparently that may be not but the way I chose was.

So I thought she would not even know about it and I will just silently stay there on her friend’s list and will just keep an eye on her company. But my account got suspended even before she officially accepted my friend request. Well, I am sure all of you who are technology geeks already know but for those like me they can report you to the Facebook officials, and your account gets suspended if you are falsely using any other person’s identity. Well, I searched about it later and even ask on the helping portal that’s when I knew about it. At the dinner table, she was telling the whole fiasco to her mother that how some “weirdo”  was using her friend’s name and trying to add her. She was laughing at the fact that whoever he /she is, did not know that I have already added her to my account as she uses her nickname on social media.

Long story short this episode made me more anxious about social media and Facebook. My wife got me as she has already known it was me. She saw me writing a long essay question on the Facebook portal on my laptop so we had a long chat after dinner. She said she understand my feelings but it is not the right way. Well ladies and gentlemen she told me a simple way out and am glad I got caught as this way I got rid of all of my worries and anxieties. I am talking about the use of a phone spy app for android i.e TheOneSpy.

Social Media Monitoring And Facebook Spy App:

Teenagers love social media I am sure it is an open secret in the technological world. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms all around the world. It has more than 2 billion monthly active users which make it one of the top priorities social media platform globally. On the other hand access to these apps through the cellphone has made it easier to invest ourselves in them. As states show that

  • 94% of people who use Facebook access it through their cellphones.

So with time, we are getting more and more advanced gadgets and technology, it is not a bad option to use the same technology for your benefit as well. With the use of the FaceBook spy app, one can keep up with all the activities of the target Facebook account remotely without getting directly involved.

Phone spy app for android can do wonders for you. For example feature with facebook screen recorder

  • You can know what kind of content your kid upload on the social media
  • Check the videos and stories and make sure no triggering or sensitive content is uploaded on their social media.
  • You can simply get into their messenger chat box and read the text messages and call log book details. Know if any stranger tries to harass or blackmail your kid.
  • Keep a check on the media shared privately through the Facebook inbox of your kid.

The phone spy app is not like the usual spyware and is not meant for any evil purpose. You can use them as parental control or employee monitoring or for yourself. All you need to do is select the package, install the app by following simple steps and bang you are done. Track your kid’s life and activities and assure their wellbeing with the assistance of spy apps.

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