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How To Open A Locked Bedroom Door Step By Step Guide

Have you ever locked your bedroom door and couldn’t get in because you didn’t have your keys? It’s a typical occurrence; you never know when you’ll find yourself in one. It might happen at any time, whether it’s an unintentional lockout or a deliberate lockout by your children. Assume it occurs to you! So, here’s how to open a lock properly.

Use A Card On The Spring Lock

Most importantly, deadbolts are not compatible with the card. However, if your door has a lever or a spring lock, the card is the best way to open it. When selecting a card to utilize, select one that is unimportant if it is damaged. A credit or debit card, as well as comparable cards, will not be suitable. Moreover, it may be harmed in the process, and we’re sure you don’t want to be without them. Insurance cards and your I.D. card are extremely valuable; it’s best not to use them to avoid scratching and bending them.

The best alternative will be cards such as library cards, retail cards, or other easy-to-replace cards. It’s simple to use a card to unlock your bedroom door. Insert your card into the space between the door and the doorjamb. Bend it back, pressing the lock into the door and allowing it to open.

If there isn’t enough room between the lock and the frame, insert your card above the lock.

Swipe the card down swiftly, angling it toward the frame. In this scenario, a thicker, more durable card is preferable. But be patient; mastering the mechanism may take numerous tries. To check which side provides you a better push on the latch, try both sides, i.e., sliding it down or up.

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Use A Blunt Knife

Using the card is comparable to this procedure. Of course, unless you have no choice, you should avoid using a sharp knife. Because it can result in injury, you must exercise extreme caution.  Most importantly, you need to use a butter knife, a spreader, or anything else that doesn’t have a sharp blade.

Firstly, place the knife between the door and the frame of the door. As you lean against the door, slide it down swiftly, eventually opening it.

If you’re lucky, it might only take a few tries, or you could have to slide it up.

Use A Small Screwdriver

Using a little or thin screwdriver is another more basic option. This method works best on internal doors or doors with privacy handles.

Push the screwdriver directly across the hole on your doorknob as far as possible. To open the lock, twist or turn the screwdriver. Use a slotted screwdriver to pry it apart if your spring lock is wedged between the frame and the bolt. Lastly, wiggle the screwdriver back and forth until the lock is pushed back into the door.

Consult A Specialist

Call lock repair and replacement in Schiller Park, if all else fails and you don’t have the energy to try alternative ways that may damage your door.

Locksmiths are specialists when it comes to breaking and manufacturing locks for your home or car. They can duplicate your keys for you, especially if the originals are misplaced.

In every circumstance, a locksmith will have the tools necessary to open the door without causing damage to it. For assistance, contact your local locksmith.

Other Door-Opening Methods That Might Destroy Your Door

If nothing else seems to work after trying everything to open the door, you can try alternative methods, such as kicking it, which may damage the door, knob, or frame.

When dealing with an emergency, the last thing on your mind is keeping your door secure. In this instance, you can utilize the following methods:

Using a hammer to remove the lock in emergency instances is an option. The doorknob will be destroyed, and there will be some banging on the door. Take the hammer and continuously bash the doorknob to unlock the door this way. The doorknob will ultimately break and open your door.

Claw Hammer: 

Using a hammer claw to open the door is a less invasive option. To keep the hammer claw from scraping the wall:

Firstly, place a thick piece of cardboard behind it.

Secondly, insert the hammer claw into the door’s latch.

Thirdly, use some force. You should be able to pry the door open.

Be warned that this may cause damage to the door, including scratches and paint flaking. The same thing might happen to the door handle. After such a procedure, replacing the lock with a new one is a good idea.


It is the last resort option. Drilling will ruin the lock’s internal components, rendering them useless. After an operation like this, you’ll need to repair the lock and possibly other door pieces. However, this is the quickest way to provide emergency assistance if someone is in danger.


You now know how to unlock your bedroom door without breaking it and use it quickly in an emergency. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so keep these tips and tactics in mind. You never know when it will be useful.

Furthermore, you can save money on a potentially costly locksmith call if you find yourself on the wrong side of a closed door. As a survival skill, we all need to know how to open doors without keys. You can save yourself when you’re in danger, especially in life and death situations.

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