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Major Reasons behind the Immense Popularity of White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen trends come and go. However, as it comes to enhancing the look and value of the kitchen, white cabinets are the champ. If you’re planning for a kitchen renovation, you surely have to invest a good chunk of money. How would you get the best out of your expensive kitchen along with a good return on investment? Well, the answer is a white kitchen. Winter white is perhaps the most common cabinet finish. But this is just a seasonal description. White cabinets are favorite around the year and everywhere. White is never outdated.

Reasons that white cabinets are so great

Well, there are some prominent reasons that white cabinetry will be the trend until the end of time. Let’s have a quick look at the key causes.

  • Roomy and airyWhite kitchen cabinets often come with many buzz words and the top of them are airy and roomy. This is actually how the eyes perceive white. Dark colors are associated with enclosed space, cloud cover, and nighttime. On the other hand, light colors are associated with being in nature and sunshine. So, even after thousands of years, people connect bright and light colors with spacious and airy ambiances. Antique white kitchen cabinets make a small kitchen look and feel bigger. Nevertheless, the homeowners having medium to large kitchens also prefer white units for the same reason.
  • Light and bright – These are other terms associated with white cabinet units. And there is a solid reason behind this. LRV or light reflectance value is the parameter of how much light color can reflect. The higher value of LRV indicates more light reflection. And as there is more reflection of light, there will be more light in the room. The LRV of white is almost 100 percent while the same is 0 percent for absolute black. If the kitchen is lucky to have plenty of natural light and if you want to capitalize that light, a white finish will be the best to do that.
  • Clean and fresh – White cabinets are not necessarily cleaner and fresher than their darker counterparts. This is more about an illusion. Cleanliness is associated with good health and hygiene. They are important kitchen attributes. When it comes to white, you can hardly hide food stains, dirt, mold, and mildew on the white surface. So, you ought to keep the surface clean. As a result, the cabinets will be clean and fresh always resulting in the wellbeing of the family members.
  • Easy decoration – Choosing patterns, colors, fixtures, and styles are not always about fun. It takes a lot of time and effort. But the great thing about white is that it can go well with literally everything. White can be paired with any kind of countertop surface or flooring. And this will go on all through the life of the kitchen. So, choosing white puts less pressure on the homeowners in terms of the selection of colors, patterns, fixtures, and other elements of a kitchen renovation. Still, some people have a notion that white may come off as bland or stark. But if subtle accents of décor and colors can be implemented, a white kitchen will enhance the warmth, dimension, and appearance of the kitchen.
  • Eternal – White cabinets are eternal. They are never out of the trend. They have been on the list of priority of the homeowners for years, decades, and even centuries. Designing a timeless kitchen ensures that you don’t have to renovate it frequently. However, you can remodel the same once or twice in the lifetime of the home, only if you want. Moreover, white units are a simpler sell for potential home buyers.

Are you convinced enough to invest in white RTA cabinets wholesale? If so, just go for them. They won’t deceive you.

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