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Hidden Places to Visit in Goa

Goa attracts millions of tourists every year.Goa Is considered as Thailand of India. Goa has an amazing night life, beautiful sea, and Fort.In the past years Goa has become a public attraction, it has become so crowded. This place is famous among bachelorette, honeymooners for fun-field trips.

Most of the tourists overlook these places because they are not aware of these spots. People nowadays look for the hidden place to explore to feel the real vibes of the place.

Although Goa has a number of world class cafes, beautiful beaches and resorts.

Here we will explore the hidden gems of Goa which are untouched yet.

1. Butterfly Beach, South Goa

Butterfly beach is a wonderland in south Goa where you will be stunned by the Arabian Sea.

This beach is one of the best photography spots in Goa because millions of butterflies could be seen there so the true its name it is famous for.

Moreover if you want to spot crabs, gold fishes without going foreign land, this hidden beach is for you. This beach is a perfect place for couples. This beach is a privacy boon for those looking for a romantic place that are unexplored.

Adventure lovers will also get a treat of spotting the dolphins excursion to cherish at butterfly beach. Butterfly beach is unexplored because the geography of this beach limits the tourist numbers. If you want to access this beach by boat only since it is surrounded by dense vegetation. You have to spend Rs. 1000 per person for this trip but it is worth spending because this trek goes through the forest to reach here. Butterfly beach has white sand and the clear water of the Arabian sea in the background makes a serene view, which will force you to be there.

How to reach- 68 Km/2 Hours from Panjim

Things to explore- Banana Boat Ride, Parasailing, Jet skiing

2. Arvalem falls- North Goa

If you are looking for a fun- filled vacation in Goa also which should be unexplored then you should head to Arvalem Falls. This is also called Harvalem Falls.This splendid falls, located in North Goa near to Mapusa. This is the most prominent tourist attraction in Goa especially in the monsoon season. The water flow gets upto 50m, making it the ideal fun trip with Family. The waterfall has enough water during the November to March and it is recommended to visit during these months.

During the rains, the white cascade of the waterfalls flows noisy and gets down from the height of 70 meters, making it an awe- inspiring sight for visitors and tourists.  This place is ideal for picnic and family outings. You can spend hours enjoying various fun activities including taking a dip in the water, clicking pictures near the water and  visiting the shops nearby. Harvalem Falls is popular among the shooting teams of film shooting. This amazing waterfall has a fascinating history. You will spot the Arvalem cave there, which is located near the waterfalls. This cave is believed to be the dwelling of the Pandavas as per the Mahabharata.

How to reach–  42 Km From Panjim

Best time to visit– Monsoon

Things to explore-  Rudreshwar temple,Pandava Caves and Carambolim Lake

3. Sinquerim Fort

Sinquerim Fort is an amazing fort constructed in 1612 and overlooks the sinquerim beach.

This Fort has an interesting history. In ancient times,This Fort was used as the reference point for easy arrivals from Europe. It was used to guard from Dutch and Marathas.This fort is a wonderful place for getting some panoramic view of surroundings.

Beside the sinquerim beach, Sinqurim village is located. This fort is a rather unexplored place that offers the best stunning views. You can relax on the beach with less crowd and buzz. You can also enjoy swimming, scuba diving and windsurfing here which makes your visit worthwhile.

How to reach–  18 Km From Panjim

Best time to visit– Early summer, Winters,post monsoon.

Things to explore-  Sunset viewing, Sinquerim beach hopping.

4. Cumbarjua Canal- North Goa

Everyone visits Goa For the beaches and enjoying the water games. Only few are aware of the thrilling adventure of Kayaking in Goa. This is narrowatrech of salty water canel of 15km lenght. The Island of Cumbarjua was a No man’s land therefore you can spot crocodiles enjoying the sunshine on the bank of the river. Many operators offer boating tours. These tours start early in the morning and last anything between an hour to five hours depending upon the operators. This backwater area is for those who are looking to do something adventurous on their trip.

This provides some of the best view and thrilling experience that only less people are aware about.  This canal connects the two major rivers of Goa, Zuari and Mandovi.

How to reach–  16 Km From Panjim

Best time to visit– Early morning, Pre and post monsoon.

Things to explore- Boating, Crocodile sunbathing

5. Pequeno island

Pequeno island in Goa is also known as Bat island. This is located a few km away from Baina in Vasco. This is an incredible place for those who are looking for adventure and fun. This Island is a small stretch of green anda great place for snorkeling. For snorkelling the training equipment is provided by the tour organizers and operators.  This island offers a very interesting stopover along the Goan coast that can be reached by a 30 min ride into the sea. If you want to enjoy the offday there are numerous boatmen available there. A vessel can be hired from them or they can be asked to reach at the on off at the island.  Pequeno island is a perfect place where one can go deep inside to witness theTranquility. You can enjoy the campfire and soft soothing songs on the beach

How to reach–  Head to vasco de gama, you can find numerous boatmen who will be ready to take you to the island.

Best time to visit– Early summer,Winter, Pre and post monsoon.

Things to explore- Snorkeling with the training equipment, Bird watching, campfire, diving, Rocky beach exploration


Goa Attracts thousands of tourists every year and every weekend. Goa has the most crowded traditional tourist circuit hence people nowadays look for the hidden places  to feel the real vibes of the place. There are top rated Hotels, world class cafes,and resorts also you can have some best shopping experiences in goa. Goa is for party lovers. It is a beautiful night life. Travellers can find beaches, forts and many water games that are famous among the tourists but few are really hidden gems which can be explored.

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