Tyre Labelling

What Is New EU Tyre Labelling?

Since May 1, 2021, a new EU tyre labeling guideline has provided more extensive information about specific tyres, including heavy vehicle tyres. All vehicles sold in the European Union must have mandated tyre labels that include fuel efficiency, wet grip ratings, and external noise levels.

The goal of the opportunity is to make buyers more aware of the impact of their tyre purchases on the environment because the government is increasingly focusing on reducing carbon emissions from automobile tyres. As a result, there are three different markings on tyres supplied in the European Union: A red G indicates wet grip, whereas an (excellent) indicates fuel efficiency (worst). Finally, the decibel level of external noise is measured (dB).

What Are The Specifics Of EU Tyre Labeling?

The pictogram tyre labeling used by the European Union is straightforward and gives information on the three most important aspects of a tyre’s performance. If you can grasp them, it will be much easier to pick which tyres would provide you with improved road efficiency and safety.

The Tyres Daventry rolling resistance is related to the fuel efficiency of the tyres . Hence it is really important to consider the car’s fuel efficiency if you want to buy a tyre that uses less gasoline and gives better mileage. Fuel consumption is significant from both an economic and environmental standpoint, and reducing fuel consumption has a favorable impact on CO2 emissions.

Wet grip on the tyre is really important if you are continually driving in the road which are slippery and snowy and these types of the roads are the most commonly found in Europe which is why the wet grip is an essential part of the tyre labeling in the Europe

The purpose of the exterior noise rating is to make drivers more aware of the noise pollution produced by a tyre. The objective is to minimize road traffic noise.

Additional Details On Tyres

Cheap Tyres Coventry which are supplied in the United Kingdom come with a variety of additional features that assist any tyre buyer in selecting the tyre that would offer him with the best possible performance and safety on the roads of the United Kingdom, where the most commonly used tyre units are few and they comes with this additional information :

Additional pictograms, such as performance in severe snow conditions and grip in icy situations, are included on European Union tyres to help buyers choose the right pair of snow and icy tyres that will keep them safe.

The gripping snow symbol will be displayed for winter and all-season tyres that have been tested in challenging snow conditions and offer the required performance. It will be different for each tyre, allowing you to choose the optimum tyre for you in snowy circumstances.

The ice grip sign will appear on winter tyres that function exceptionally well on ice, as demonstrated by a specific grip test. These tyres are intended for use on ice-covered and compacted snow-covered roads and should only be used in extreme conditions.

Using ice grip or snow tyres in less severe climates may result in poor performance, particularly in wet grip, steering, and wear. Because these units were designed for extreme conditions and perform best, they should not be used in everyday scenarios.

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