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Effective Tips to Improve Quants Score in Competitive Exams

Quantitative aptitude is perhaps the most prodigious segment of competitive exams. A majority of candidates dread the quants section. Also, some candidates have a perception that it is not a cinch to score well in the quants section. Well, it’s not true. If you follow some smart strategies to prepare for the exam, for sure you can qualify this section with flying colours. No doubt, this section is demanding in nature. But, according to previous year papers, it is considered as the most scoring section of the exam. We understand that every candidate preparing for the exam searches for some helpful tricks to improve their scores in the quant section. In this article, you will get some useful tips to improve your quants score in any competitive exam.

Some of the most popular competitive exams in India are banking, railways, defence and civil services. As the date of banking exams is drawing closer, most of the graduates are preparing for upcoming bank exams. Are you amongst them? If yes, then ace quants section of the exam by joining a nonpareil institute that can provide bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. Tips mentioned here can help you master the quants section even if you were weak in maths during school/college. Believe it, you can score as much as possible to get ahead in the competition and crack the exam.

Here are some effective tips that can help you get those low hanging fruits which most of the aspirants fail to notice:

Getting a good hold over quants section can help you improve your overall scores in the competitive exams. The questions in this section test the ability of candidates to do calculations and check their computational speed. So, go through the below-mentioned points to know some of the smart ways to prepare for the exam.

  • Complete easy portion first

Note that not every chapter of the quantitative aptitude is tough. There are some topics that are easy and scoring. It is advisable to cover those topics first. When you start preparing with easy topics, it can get easy for you to develop your interest in the subject. Here is a list of topics you can choose to prepare first while preparing for the quants section:

  1. Simplification
  2. Profit and loss
  3. Percentages
  4. Simple interest/ Compound interest
  5. Ration & proportion
  6. Percentages
  7. Problems on ages
  8. Data interpretation

It is noticed that most of the questions in the competitive exams are asked from these topics. You can easily ace these topics, even if you were an average student in school/college.

  • Keep difficult topics for the end

After preparing for the easy topics, it’s time to prepare for the difficult topics. Questions from this topic are difficult and it may consume time to solve them. Also, most of the questions in this category are tricky. You need to have an analytical mindset to solve these questions. Here is a list of some difficult topics of the exam:

  1. Quadratic equations
  2. Number series
  3. Probability
  4. Time and work
  5. Time, speed and distance
  6. Mixture and allegations

It is advisable to never skip these topics while preparing for the exam. Having a strong grip over every topic can help you taste the fruits of success in the exam.

  • Move to another topic after mastering one

Never leave any topic unprepared while preparing for the exam. Also, never leave any topic incomplete. Try to move to another topic only after mastering one. This is how you can easily excel in every topic of the exam. In case you get any difficulty while preparing a topic, search for an ideal source to get help. For example: You can download an app on your smartphone to prepare a specific topic. Also, you can get ample video lectures on youtube for understanding some of the toughest concepts of the subject.

  • Clear your basic concepts

It is essential to clear your basic concepts while preparing for the exam. If you think that cramming can help you clear this section, then you are completely wrong here. You need to have an in-depth understanding of every concept. It can help you solve tricky questions of the exam. So, put in arduous efforts to clear the basics of each and every topic.

  • Practice enough questions

Mastering the quants section will require you to solve a variety of questions. So, make sure you are getting your hands over every type of question while preparing for the exam. Do you know how to do that? Simply, by solving some of the mock tests. You can download these mock tests from a reliable website then start solving it. Also, you can choose to attempt some online mock tests to replicate the experience of the actual exam. This way you can easily ace the quants section of the competitive exam.

  • Do practice with a paper and pen

It’s quite obvious that you can’t solve maths questions orally. So, try to keep a pen and copy with you while studying for this section. Note that you can’t solve a full fledged question of the quants. So, it is advisable to learn some short tricks and tips to solve the question. Also, remember that you can’t apply short tricks in every question. There’ll be some questions in the exam you need to solve properly. So, read the question carefully before applying any short trick to it.

  • Seek help from a trusted source

Some candidates can prepare for the quants section on their own. But, there are some candidates who need splendid guidance to prepare for the quants section. If you too need proper nourishment to prepare for the exam, then seek help from a reliable source that can help you become dexterous in each and every topic of the exam. You can choose a prominent institute that is adept in providing coaching for several competitive exams. With the help of a coaching institute, you can easily master each and every topic of the exam. Do you want to perform excellently in the SSC exam? If yes, then enter the finest institute that provides SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar.


These are some of the effective tips to improve quants scores in competitive exams. We hope that it can help candidates who are  preparing for the upcoming competitive exam. So, start preparing for the exam in a better way and ensure your success.

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