damaged-phone Technology 

Get Your Damaged Phone Repaired

In present times, phones have become part and parcel of our lives. Everybody these days owns a cellphone due to which many local, as well as international companies, have emerged. Samsung is one such company whose electronic products, mainly mobile phones are widely sold and used. However, 2 out of 8 Samsung Galaxy phones will break or get damaged before the warranty period or in less than six months. It is not because Samsung makes unreliable products but because of our addiction to take our phones everywhere with us, using…

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virtual-data Technology 

Process 5 Post-Pandemic M&A Trends with Virtual Data Room

Starting days of the pandemic seemed to be bringing a huge decline in various sectors of the economy including transportation, merger, and acquisition, commercial real estate, and hospitality activities. There was a hope that these might get rebound by the end of the year 2020 and kept on target for robust 2021. Notwithstanding a fall in deal-making in the second quarter of 2020, activity flooded in the other half of 2020, enough to vault yearly volume above $3 trillion for the seventh successive year, as per Morgan Stanley. By fall…

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seo-analyst Technology 

Why SEO Analyst is important for Digital Marketing

In a market of SEO, too many appears filled with scammers, swindlers and fraudsters. There are actually numerous honest, professional SEO Analyst as well as PPC experts. They will aid your business and save money. How do you locate them in the midst of all the chaos. “Be top of the line within Google” spam messages that are clogging our inboxes? In the following posts, I’ll provide some useful advice on what to look out for. Although, you are choosing one of the SEOs as well as an AdWords Professional.…

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