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Basic reasons for delayed and withheld IELTS exam result

It’s Christmas eve and every other individual is dressed as a Christmas tree. Streets are lit like a lane full of candles. But you can’t enjoy even a pinch and experiencing increased heart palpitation. What is the one thing that is giving you anxiety more than the IELTS exam? It is the IELTS test result! We understand that you must be waiting for your IELTS exam result. It must be quite a hard task. Waiting for the exam result is even more stressful than appearing in the final IELTS exam. There is no denying the fact that the IELTS exam results take 13 to 14 days. You really have to constantly wait for this duration with a raised heartbeat and sweaty hands. After that, finally, your big day comes which will surely decide your future.

But hang one you have received an email notifying that you IELTS result has been delayed or withheld! Yes, it’s a tough situation for your case. However, you really have to calm yourself down. This doesn’t imply that you will not at all receive your result in the coming time. Due to some issue, the exam condu
cting authority has just delayed it.

We truly understand the nervousness, anxiety, apprehension, perturbation, annoyance and wide range of emotions you get at one time. You are just wondering what has just happened and how you have to come out of this type of situation. The first thing that you should do is sit back and relax. As this is the only way that can help you think with an informed mind. If you need further help regarding this topic you can easily consider taking assistance from the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

Why is your IELTS test result withheld and delayed? 

There is no denying the fact that the IELTS test results are usually with

held or delayed under three major circumstances. You really have to keep in mind that the terms and conditions are pre-specified in the basic attachment offered to you along with the exam application form. You really have to make sure that it basically covers all three circumstances for the delay in the result of your IELTS exam.

So you really have to go through all three conditions to know the basic reason behind it. We basically understand that you are stressing this whole aspect. However, we advise you not to struggle with your mind so much. AS this can surely give you a major tough time. If you are unable to find adequate information that can help you pass the test without any hassle. Then consider linking up with the right spoken english classes in Jalandhar.

Check out the terms and conditions related to the IELTS test results:  

The first and foremost thing that you really have to keep in your mind is that you have to go through all three essential terms and conditions. Read every point carefully so that it can help you tackle the situation without panicking.

  • Condition 1:

You will notice that you may not be fully issued thirteen days after the test if your IELTS test authority decides that it is highly essential to review all the matters related to your test. They basically extend these dates as they have noticed something fishy regarding your test paper. Moreover, it can also happen that your test may be evaluated on the wrong parameters. To assist any type of investigation, you may be fully required to offer some type of writing and speaking samples. There are a wide range of exceptional circumstances. In these, you may be needed to take the re-take one or follow the more IELTS components.  Take help from the best IELTS professionals appointed in the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana.

  • Condition 2:

The main clause is that your IELTS result can take more than 13 days as the exam conducting authority wants to review it thoroughly. You have to note that there are two reasons for this type of situation. The IELTS exam conducting authority wants to re-check your entire test. The other case can be that the authority wants to conduct the quality control check on the entire IELTS test. So we advise you that you don’t have to panic so much. As the more you feel stressed the more it becomes difficult for you to think about something else. If you need help in understanding this point then consider linking up with the right spoken english classes in Jalandhar.

  • Condition 3:

There can be one more reason that your result can be cancelled. This basically happens when the authority finds some of the basic irregularities in the test conduction. That’s why you have to paper for the test in the best way so that authority will not be able to cancel your test result. Here the term irregularity basically signifies some kind of unusual or unacceptable action. That usually affects the procedure of conducting the test. If you want to receive your result without any hassle. Then you have to follow instructions in a more clear cut manner. So that you will not face any struggle afterward.

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