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All you need to know about Acumen medical software

Acumen EHR offers a cloud-based electronic medical records software solution that is designed to help nephrology practices deliver the best possible quality of care. This ONC 15 certified EHR platform has been around for quite a while. Acumen’s partnership with Epic allows the provider to offer a powerful nephrology-focused user interface. It supports real-time sharing of patient charts, medication information, and clinical reports across the care team. The software’s patient portal feature provides instant access to clinical data, such as lab results, allergies, medications, and other vital signs.

The medical software system offers some outstanding features, which help practitioners in automating the processes required to run a modern nephrology facility. It aims at protecting sensitive patient information in compliance with HIPAA regulations. You can easily streamline your daily clinical, administrative, and financial tasks to improve your practice’s overall functioning. What’s more, the software facilitates the sharing of secure messages between nephrologists and patients. It also supports interoperability, meaning nephrologists can easily exchange patient information with hospitals, labs, and dialysis units. Let’s move forward and talk about Acumen EHR reviews, features, and benefits.

Top Acumen EHR features mentioned in user reviews

This cloud-based medical software solution comes with a comprehensive suite of features. Listed below are the ones that have received multiple positive mentions from users.

  1. Patient Portal 

The first Acumen EHR feature that we would like to talk about is its extremely well-designed patient portal. Almost all the medical software systems include this feature, but the kind of functionality that Acumen 2.0 offers is unmatchable. From patient scheduling to medical history and billing, this patient portal has covered it all. Acumen EHR reviews also confirm that the software does have an edge in this particular area. Patient can use this feature to communicate with their providers, view lab results, request prescription refills, and get follow-up notifications. Not only this, nut providers can also access a patient’s complete medical history to make an accurate diagnosis. Overall, they can use this feature to keep track of a patient’s progress.

  1. Appointment scheduling

Another highly appreciated aspect attributed to this software solution is its appointment scheduling feature. Acumen 2.0 understands how important it is to have the right tools for appointment scheduling. It allows healthcare providers to schedule as many appointments in a day as possible, thus maximizing revenue and efficiency for a practice. You can easily streamline your entire patient scheduling process with the help of this feature. It also offers automated appointment reminders to reduce the number of no-shows. This intelligent piece of software works in an organized manner to manage time slots if a patient happens to cancel at the last minute. All in all, it improves workflow efficiency by minimizing the chance of any disruptions. You can also schedule an Acumen EHR demo to evaluate this feature before purchasing the software.

  1. Billing

The powerful billing tool in Acumen medical software is designed to reduce the number of denied claims. It makes your revenue cycle management process a breeze. You can easily minimize billing errors to ensure a pain-free process for both your patients and practice staff. In addition to this, it deals with all the hectic and frustrating processes to make sure you get reimbursed quickly. You can send reminders to patients who have outstanding bills and remind them of their unpaid bills.  The software features hundreds of useful billing tools that enable you to perform your billing-related tasks without any hassle. Electronic billing means less clutter, reduced errors, centralized billing information, and higher accuracy levels. This feature alone makes the Acumen EHR pricing worth it as it saves a lot of time and improves efficiency levels over time.

  1. Improved Communication

An electronic medical records software system lets you interact securely with your practice staff and patients so you can achieve better clinical efficiency. Acumen medical software does the same and ensures seamless communication across your organization. An added benefit of this feature is that you and your practice staff can be on the same page to deliver the best patient care possible. All in all, it allows you to coordinate things better and implement changes quickly. You can also check out this feature during Acumen EHR demo.

  1. Audit Protection

This feature allows nephrologists to maximize their revenue performance while also maintaining the highest level of compliance. You can easily identify areas of risk in your practice get effective solutions with support and training. You and your clinical staff can also receive comprehensive feedback on coding, billing, and other reimbursement processes from the vendor’s trained coding staff. Moreover, you can identify clinical threats that your practice might be facing and get proper training and documentation techniques.

  1. Dashboard

One of the most popular software features of Acumen is its Dashboard. It is designed to provide a visually appealing interface to users. You can easily switch between different features. In addition to this, it allows you to improve healthcare outcomes by spending less time on navigation and more time on patient care. The dashboard feature is highly praised by users for simplifying the daily practice tasks and elevating workflow efficiency.

Overview of user reviews 

When it comes to user reviews, Acumen has received perfect-star ratings from its users. The software is highly appreciated by users streamlining day-to-day tasks and enhancing overall productivity. Most users feel that this medical software solution is simple, easy to understand, and user-friendly. Other than this, the software is fully loaded with useful features and offers a very smart, intuitive user interface.

Wrapping up 

Acumen EHR is a great software solution that can really set a nephrology practice up for success. It is a feature-packed solution, but still there are some areas where the vendor can use some improvements. Overall, it is an excellent EMR product and we recommend that you read as many Acumen EHR reviews as possible to understand if it is a right fit for your practice.



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