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5 Common Hot Water Systems Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Whether a gas heater or an electrical system, a hot water system installation ensures you have a reliable hot water supply at your home. During the installation or replacement of the hot water system, people overlook some minor details sometimes. Hence, we have compiled five things to avoid when installing a dux hot water system.

Although you might be tempted to install or repair your home water heater, we highly advise against it. Many issues might arise, forcing you to spend even more money on repairs. The two operations require the services of an electrician and a professional plumber. Therefore, to get the job done right, it is best to enlist the services of a licensed and experienced plumber.

Do You Have Plans for Installing A Hot Water System? Do Not Make The 5 Mistakes Below

When installing or repairing the water heater system, some homeowners make mistakes. This reduces the efficiency of the water heater system and may sometimes have severe results that are difficult to repair or change.

1.  Dry Firing

After installing or completing the repair of the hot water system, do not turn the circuit on until its tank is full of water. Upon completing the hot water system installation, remove all the air from the tank. You can do this by opening your hot water faucets until there is an uninterrupted water flow.

It is only then that you can turn on the water heater. It is vital because the dry firing of your Dux Hot Water System may crack or overheat its tank, damaging the heater.

2.  Purchasing A Hot Water System of The Wrong Size

Many homeowners often purchase the wrong sized water heater. The system ends up not properly catering to their needs. Depending on your hot water needs, selecting the model that best fits your needs helps you save some money on running and initial costs. It also ensures that you have hot water in your shower and faucets when you need it most.

When you purchase a system that is too large, it ends up wasting your money, time, and water. Hence, professional guidance is necessary when choosing the right water heating system. Although their installation is easy, the running costs of a water heater are high. 

Although solar water heating systems are costly, you can use gas hot water systems because they are cheaper. However, gas hot water systems are recommended in areas having piped natural gas. However, systems like the dux electric hot water system are the best all-around.

3.  Directly Soldering Fittings at The Top of Your Water Heater

During the DIY replacement or installation of a water heater, many homeowners mistake soldering the fittings very close to the tank. Soldering uses heat that may melt the plastic fitting or the dip tube and damage the water heater seriously. Although we are against any DIY replacement or repair, unscrew the nipples, then separately solder on the various fittings far from the water heater. 

4.  Temperature and Pressure (T&P) Overflow Valve

To release the pressure or high heat inside the water heater, it has a T&P valve attached. However, this vital safety valve needs to be installed properly. A water tank explosion may result if the T&P valve is not well installed. The tank may also spray the bystanders with hot water if the safety valve is not dejected properly.

To avoid these issues from affecting your Dux Hot Water System, you need to enlist the services of a professional plumber. They take an extra step beyond installing the temperature and pressure valve. The plumbers connect a drain tube (threaded) to the outlet of the T&P valve. They then route the drain tube to the ground, safely diverting the dangerous discharge, if any.

5.  Using Incompatible Metal Pipes

When installing, repairing, or replacing a hot water system, compatibility between the metal pipes is vital. Therefore, you need to ensure that the two metals are compatible. 

If the water heater uses copper or brass connectors and the piping system at your home uses copper, its installation or replacement will be relatively easy. However, if the plumbing system uses galvanized steel, the services of a professional plumber are necessary. They use a dielectric union to ensure that the two metals do not come into contact, preventing the creation of a corrosive and electric charge. The two charges may weaken the pipes and cause leakage.

Bottom Line

Although you may decide to install your water heater using your DIY techniques, ensure that you do not make the mistakes above. We advise you to enlist the services of a licensed and skilled plumber to help in the installation, repair, or replacement of your Dux Electric Hot Water System.

Dux has been producing high-quality electrical hot water systems over the decades since 1915 to ensure you have a continuous supply of hot water at home. Trust Dux Hot Water System to heat the water at your home in all seasons, especially in winter. Visit our website today for more information about our products and services.

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